Sunday, February 28, 2016

My body weight vs my strength. Clear winner there!

Wow! Been a while since I last blogged! 

That doesn't mean I haven't been working out. The journey towards match fitness is a long, arduous one. Kinda like my battle with fried foods. 

Today went for a Callisthenics class. Simply coz I was curious about Calisthenics. 

We did this for 30secs, 6 reps. Arms felt like swollen tofu thereafter...

Simply put. I almost died. My upper body strength (or lack thereof) simply couldn't support my weight (which of course is made up of largely muscles and stuff). 

The workouts were focussed largely on upper body strength. And it's obvious the guys were having a hard time coz ALL 7 guys were struggling to balance their handstands (after 45mins of pull-up-like workouts, the hands really felt like giving way), while the 3 girls were ramrod straight. 

Ok. So one looks like she lives in a gym while the other 2 are yoga instructors. But still...

Will continue to look for interesting classes to go. In the meantime, I gotta squeeze in some time to post my last few fitness class visits. 

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