Monday, October 19, 2015

Training no substitute for Game time

For the last 6 months, I had to skip my weekly Sunday games due to work commitments. In an attempt to stay fit and match ready, I attended weekly Wed trainings religiously, on top of my Monday gym to ensure I'll slip right into the squad should I return to the squad. 

Unfortunately, as conscientious as I was, I found out recently to my detriment that all that training DID NOT keep me match fit. 

I was doing alright in training. Putting in 100%, running, tackling, shooting. 

The red of AC United flows through my being! Not looking forward to its hardening into the infamous bakwa (roasted meat) though. 

Then came match day. A friendly against an old foe. I was so off the pace, my fitness was terrible, my ball control and decision making was abysmal. I was everywhere, yet nowhere at the same time. 

Last Sunday was my second game back in the team. I still felt a little lost, my teammates were asking what I'm doing and one actually told me I used to be much faster to the ball. That 'used to' was a mere 6 months ago!!!

I guess all that training did ensure I did not fall too far off the required pace, but apparently, it's no substitute for a good hard game of competitive football. 

A little bakwa on my left knee and a sprained right ankle are reminders of how far off the pace I currently am. 

I may suck for another 2-3 games. But I guarantee you I'll be back. Better than before. I owe it to my team, but more importantly, to myself, to return to my best and more. 

Bring it on!!

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