Monday, July 20, 2015

Eating beats Exercising anytime!

Its Monday again... Gym day!

For some reason I'm not as lethargic as i usually am on a Monday. Maybe its the magazine assignment I'm doing. It's my first magazine article and it is a personal profile of an up and rising star. So I'm probable running on adrenaline.

Or maybe it is because my colleague was helping me to buy Subway for lunch as i slog away in the gym over lunchtime...

Anyway, gym was rather intense today. Read an article over the weekend on how to improve explosive power.

Heavier loads => Explosive lifts => Controlled release => Less reps.

Gym was more crowded today, probably due to the guys returning to burn off the Hari Raya extras.

It feels good! The burning sensation in my quads, the 'i wanna cramp you up' feel in my calves... I love the feeling of my muscles dying on me. They tell me I did good today.

The one thing I always struggle with in my 'fitness quest' wasn't the amount of exercise to partake in, but the type (and amount) of food I was gorging on. I LOVE FRIED FOODS! I LOVE BURGERS, MEATS. I eat Macs once in a while coz it is convenient. So to finally get to eat something healthier like a sandwich from Subway, i feel fitter already!

Yummy! Way healthier and tastier than the fried beehoon or Macdonalds that i was initially planning.

Its not that i don't know the importance of a healthy diet. I was diagnosed with High (actually, f#$^ing high according to the doctor ) Cholesterol a few years back and was supposed to be put on medication. I managed to bring the levels down to acceptable levels just from watching my diet for 6 months. (But OMG that was a really strict diet. Maybe I'll do a story on that experience for my next post.)

So I know the importance of choosing what goes into my mouth. But it ain't easy... It's my biggest struggle and it doesn't help living in this food paradise we call Singapore...

But, I just gotta suck it up and try. All for the sake of keeping fit for my football. Sigh... the things we go through FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME...

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