Sunday, March 1, 2015

4 main ways we all concede goals from

We were doing possession play that week during training. As usual, we started well. The team in possession starts off with quick passing, good off the ball running.

But a few minutes later, people start to slack off. Sloppy passing, trying to Messi-Ronaldo their way out of tight spots, no one running into open space to support. As a result, possession turned over more quickly.

Deadball situations contribute about 30% of a team's goals scored, as well as goals conceded.

At the end of the session, during our warm down, Coach shared something interesting. He told us that there are 4 main ways opponents (& our own teams) score goals:
(a) 30% - player mistakes
(b) 30% - set pieces
(c) 30% - counter attacks
(d) 10% - rehearsed team play

I feel there's not much one can do about (c) and (d), seeing they are results of actions out of our control. 

But the first 2, we can work on to improve and minimize conceding from. 

To reduce conceding from (a), reduce individual mistakes
Easier said than done. I know. Keeping in mind simple rules can help though. 
- play short passes. Accuracy is better. Success rate is higher. 
(A certain level of competency is required of course, relative to your opponents. If your sunday team is playing against the Lions 12 first team, you might just wanna hoof the ball to the moon at every chance and defend in 2 rows of 4 deep in your half.)
- communicate. Tell your teammates where to pass, or warn them of incoming opposition players. 
- know where to play your passing game, and when to just smash the damn ball. 

To reduce conceding from (b), defend higher up the pitch
- as much as possible, stop the play from coming near your box. Commit the foul, if necessary, to break the momentum in their half. 
(This method is commonly used to defend against goals conceded via (c))
- shadow the forward. do not go in for the tackle around your box. Statically, most attackers don't have 100% control of the ball 100% of the time. Cover your angle. Slow the striker to walking pace. Watch the ball intently until that moment he loses control momentarily, then go in for the steal
(See article I did on shepherding strikers away from goal)

Improving the above will greatly reduce the goals we concede as a whole. 

If I have time, I might do another article on how we can improve our offense after understanding the above statistics. 

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