Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Congratulations Joseph Schooling!

This morning, I woke up to the news that our very own Joseph Schooling has won his pet event 100m butterfly in a new Asian Games record time of 51.76m. 

Amazing stuff!

He was quoted as saying, that at the 3/4 mark, he felt his muscles tightening, but continued to push even harder. Coz 'they're gonna have to die trying' if anyone wanted to take his first place away from him. 

That's the kind of mentality needed to succeed at the top. More so in an individual sport. The NEED to be ahead! No settling for 2nd best. Wanna take my gold medal? OVER MY DEAD BODY!

Too often in amateur sports, particularly in football, we tend to lose heart easily whenever we line up against a good team. (I will do an article soon on how best to prepare your team to look good in front of your opponents. Like they say, look good win 50% liao! 😆) Or when we go a goal or 2 behind. That's when a good leader, or leaders, have to stand up and display the 'Joseph Schooling' attitude. Wanna win the game against me? You gotta die trying! (It sounds more macho in hokkien. HAHAHAHA)

Damn I love his attitude. 

Here's a clip of his winning race. Enjoy!

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