Sunday, July 12, 2015

I hate gyms

I'm not a gym rat.

I have never felt the compulsion to bring myself to a gym. The gym is so... Impersonal. It's a lonely activity. Just Me. And the cold metal weights. Occasionally, in the midst of my tedious and monotonous workout, I'll get the welcomed (not!) whiff of someone's Eau de BodyOdour that jolts me out of my daze.

Had a nice workout in my Reeboks, who are now sitting prettily under my desk.

Unfortunately as we get older, more maintenance is required on our moving parts to do yesterday's activities with the same amount of vigour. And for my case, without my usual dose of Sunday football, even more work needs to be done to make sure I remain serviceable and match fit in case I get the rare day off to play. 

So there it is. My sole motivation. I endure the weekly visit to the dull and drab office gym to ensure I'm ready for football when the opportunity arises. 

The things we do for The Love Of The Game

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